A message from Millennials


At the recent IIB conference Sir Peter Birkett announced that there were moves afoot for the IIB to engage in more activity on social media. Warren Cass spoke about the way social media has changed the way many people interact - and particularly the marketing landscape.

The discussion around this showed a degree of scepticism, distrust and concern over the impact of social media.

I share much of the concern about the impact and the uncritical way in which it is consumed by many. However, I am very much aware that it is having a huge impact!

It is not easy for my (our?) generation to feel the impact because the technology of social media is not embeded in our understanding of the world. This means that I can only "get it" on an intelectual/academic level not an emotional/intuitive level. But I do know I have absorb it, understand it and adjust to it or I will fail in my aime to support clients.

Which is why I have reproduced this article from LinkedIn's Pulse. Written by Tom James, it provides a very good description of the way the younger generation are interacting with with social media. You don't have to like it, but; Read, absorb and adjust - or die professionally.

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