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To all IIB Associates from the Editor


This website is designed to support you!...

...Raising the profiles of you and your business.

But it can only work for you if you get involved.

It is news site, new articles published monthly, produced by IIB Associates, guest contributors, feeds and articles curated from other useful sources.

Older articles will be formed into searchable collections, developing into the most comprehensive source of advice, case studies and general information.

In the next few months we will add webinars and blog talk radio. Later we will add a monthly business TV show.

We intend that it will become a really useful resource for business in general, incorporating advice, guidance and news. This will help the IIB and Alumni re-establish the reputation the IIB had when I joined.

The Benefit to You

Content marketing is widely recognised as the effective way to get attention on the web and social media. But as individual consultants or small companies it is almost impossible to produce sufficient good content to get noticed.

By pooling our resources we can produce a significant quantity of genuinely useful, engaging content.

So any IIB Associate can submit an article on any business subject. We will publish it, along with appropriate attribution and links. This will help to build your web presence and reputation, it will help to drive more traffic to your own site and raise your profile generally.

But by taking a few simple quick steps collectively and through the underlying background functionality we are developing we will have a huge impact.

How does it work?

IIB Associates can submit articles on virtually any business topic. They article:

  • Be our own work
  • Fall in to the category of:
    • Explaining how to do something useful 
    • A case study
    • An explanation of business news, concept, event or such like
  • May contain pictures, video, audio or links. They must contain at least one picture (aspect ratio xxxx)

Articles must not be adverts!

You should also submit links to your website, contact details and any #tags you want used.

When you decide to submit articles you will also be asked to complete a profile of yourself or business.

This will be linked to the article you publish and it will also be searchable.

The article will be checked for compliance with the rules, and it should engaging, informative and useful. The editor is the final arbiter of this.

It will then be available for one month in the edition released that month. It may be included in further months.

It will then be available under the topic, tag or category and will remain searchable. If you are able to produce a series of articles that can build up to a useful guide we will create a section that pulls them together into a single section attributed to you.

What impact will it have?

Collectively we have a huge depth of knowledge, experience and stories. If we collaborate we will develop a very valuable resource for the business community as a whole. If we promote it effectively it will start to attract visitors from the business community. As the number of visitors increase so will increase the value of the links to your own website.

It will also increase the value of your profile. If you also provide links to your LinkedIn profile it will increase the value of that.

When the article is published it will be tweeted, and sent to Facebook and LinkedIn. We also ask you to tweet, like, retweet and comment on articles – your own and others.

This will have the effect of raising the profile and reputation of the site further which, in turn, will raise the value of the links to your own site. It will also raise the value of the profile you write for the site. It should develop into the ultimate virtuous circle.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in webinars, blogtalk radio and ultimately the online TV all of which will further raise your profile.

If we collaborate together we can leverage the reputation of everyone in the network and the IIB which in turn raises our own profiles.

What should you do now?

I will be publishing further more detailed guides on the use of the site and how to produce effective article, videos and podcasts.

However, for the moment please just register your interest in contributing. We need articles to make this successful!

An offer for the first 20 who register

Ultimately I will have to charge a small fee for running the site. I expect this to be about £20 per month for regular contributors and a little more per article for those who want to contribute from time to time.

For those who register first and contribute 3 articles over the first 3 months can have a free one year subscription to post up to 2 articles per month for the first year of operation.

Copyright - A Final legal note.

I will be publishing more detailed terms and conditions but for the avoidance of doubt any article published will remain your copyright but will be published under the Creative Commons - Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license. For more information please go to http://creativecommons.org/

Creative Commons Licence
To all IIB Associates by David Willox is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.